5 Considerations For Picking The Best Carpet Color

Dated: 04/03/2018

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When choosing carpet color for your home, there are both facts and preferences that make the process challenging. Color is certainly one of the most subjective concepts in our perceived senses and we all see color a little bit different from each other. So, it's no wonder we find ourselves spending hours deciding between different tones and hues to try to find just the right one that not only will be perfect in our home for today but for many years to come.

Picking the best color of carpeting for your home comes with many factors that require both preferential and functional considerations. Some of these are the size of your space, the specific design of your home, your unique individual taste and style, your household traffic pattern, durability needs, the function of your room and so much more.

It’s no wonder that after a short period of time, most people find that there selected carpet color is no longer pleasing to them for one reason or another. Times, styles and color trends frequently change and these changes become more pronounced as time goes on. So when you factor into your carpet decision all of the new trending carpeting colors and styles, then some want to throw in the towel. There’s no need to do that… I have created a list of considerations that can help you decipher the best color choice for your carpet.

5 Considerations When Picking Your Carpet Color

Carpet color can affect the size of your room:

Color can create a cozy effect or an airy, open concept feel within in a space. If you have a room that you are installing carpeting in, you need to take into consideration the overall square footage of the space and how visually open or closed the floor plan is. In general a darker color carpet can create a smaller more intimate space, while lighter carpeting can enlarge a room with its neutral tones.

Carpet color can help hide dirt, stains and heavy traffic patterns:

Do you live in a high traffic household with children and pets that drag in everything from the outdoor across your floors? Then hiding dirt and stains, and having a durable carpet surface is most likely the best bet for you. You will want to look at stain-resistant carpeting and keep with a darker solid colored carpet to mask anything that might be more difficult to get out. Remember that here in Portland; we have a lot of rain and moisture, which can be tracked onto your carpet frequently.

Carpet color evokes emotion and feeling:

Style and design sensibility is so important when you select your carpet color. Each color has its own psychological trigger in creating whatever mood you are after in your home. You could select yellow for a more lively and energetic mood for your office or red to captivate a rich appetite in your dining room and the list goes on. It is important to keep in mind that color does impact your emotions, so if you are looking for your room to express a certain vibe you need to consider that this will be a primary element in building that within your home.

Carpet color can complement and tie-in with paint color, fabric styles and furniture tones:

Carpeting color choices alone will leave you breathless with the variety available on the market today, but now factor in all the patterns and creative designs and you may begin to feel overwhelmed. Your wall color needs to connect and compliment the color of carpet you select. If not, you might find the two in conflict with each other, making the room feel like it was clashing rather than being in harmony. You can take a conservative or minimalist approach or go bold and vibrant; it is completely up to you. The best advice we can give is to select either the wall or the carpet color as a neutral value color and the other being your main color choice. The combinations with these are endless.

Carpet color trends to weigh-in:

New trends come and go. Truly every year there is the next new color and style choice that is. Though the newest color might have the biggest “wow factor”, if you are thinking that you might be placing your home on the market in the near future, you should stay with a more popular universal color palette of neutrals. Stay with something that most people will either love or like so it opens your potential buyers to be a much larger group.

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These considerations should help you narrow down to the precise color of carpet that will work best in your house and last for years, providing enjoyment without becoming discouraged about the choice you made. The selection process of choosing color for your carpet needs to remain a fun process and not just a headache.

Whether you are just updating one room in your home with carpeting or you need to swap out those old dated carpets for something fresh and new for selling your home, keep in mind that your carpeting color choice has a lot to do with your everyday living, family lifestyle, resale market and total household visual design.

Pro Carpet Color Selection Tip

Over the years we have come to realize that our customers need the ability to sign out and take home carpet sample so they can see it in their own home. This is something that we have made common in our store. The rule of thumb is that a carpet sample can seem to look darker in the store or showroom than in the actual room you are remodeling or renovating. So we recommend you take home a carpet sample and view it in natural light and various times throughout the day to be confident that the carpeting color choice works in the room. The key is to avoid making those regretful mistakes and instead give you peace of mind later on down the road once you are living with your carpet color decision.

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Tom Michaud is the CEO of Simple Floors Portland, located in Portland, Oregon. Tom’s team has decades of experience providing homeowners and contractors with quality home building and renovation materials focuses around wood flooring, countertops, tile, laminate floor and carpeting.

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